We do all kinds of Extension Designing and Renovations, we have specialized  team of professionals with many years of experience.

Extension Specialist

When a building has an extension or addition it means it is generally extended out, at ground floor level, or extended upwards; that is, adding another level. Some clients do both: extending both up and out.

It may also require a new kitchen, bathroom and/or altering, or moving, internal walls. This is called renovating, in other words, improving something that already exists. Hence the difference in terms: ‘renovating’ and ‘extending’.

We design and build all types of home extensions and additions, whether it’s Federation, Victorian or Contemporary, ground floor or a second level , our process delivers seamless results between your original floor plan and your new extension.

Design Elements

We can help you assess your current home and advise the options available to you. We are specialists in providing affordable solutions with home extensions and additions. MIO Group can introduce you to home design solutions that fit your budget and your family requirements.

We can assist you define the family dynamics that will drive the way you intend to live and play. We can then help you explore the potential of your new home.

You can tap into our experience in making your home extension:

  • affordable to build
  • affordable to maintain
  • affordable to run

Designing Your Home Extensions

When designing your bathroom we assist you with identifying the following:

  • Measurements:  initial visit for measuring and assessing your room area
  • Layout:  together we will discuss the best layout for maximising the area
  • Ventilation: exhaust fan suggestions or other methods
  • Water & Energy Efficiency: important discussion for managing utility costs
  • Heating: is underfloor heating a requirement
  • Natural Light:  window or skylight
  • Plumbing:  can you utilise existing plumbing

Why Choose Us

A new or renovated bathroom will often be one of the biggest investments you will make within your home.

At MIO Group our many years of design and renovation experience along with access to a wide range of bathroom fittings and fixtures will ensure you receive not only a practical bathroom that suits your family’s daily requirements, but also a luxurious bathroom that you can enjoy and be proud of.

You can be assured of the following when we undertake your bathroom renovation/s:

  • Full access to our Builder Project Manager
  • Fully qualified, licensed and insured team of professional tradesmen
  • High level of customer service and professionalism
  • Full warranty including receiving your HIA Waterproofing Certificate
  • Outstanding value and attention to every detail

Looking for a quality extension specialist for your next project?